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Sekiro Shadow die Twice.

Take the path to revenge in a new adventure from FromSoftware, the developers of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series.

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will take on the role of a “wolf without an arm”, a scarred warrior who has fallen into disgrace, saved one step from death. Your destiny is linked to a young man of noble origins, a descendant of an ancient lineage: to protect him you will face numerous enemies, including the ruthless Ashina clan. Nothing will stop you in the dangerous mission to redeem your honor and free the young lord, not even death itself.

Explore Japan at the end of the 1500s, in the midst of the Sengoku period: a violent era crossed by brutal conflicts between life and death. Confront extraordinary enemies in a dark and perverse world. Unleash lethal prosthetics and powerful ninja skills by combining stealth, vertical movement and visceral battles in a bloody adventure.





How to activate your Xbox game

1.Once the console has started, select the "Microsoft Store" window and then "Use a code".
2. Enter the code provided to you by Instant Gaming in the "My Purchases" section, then confirm.
3.Once confirmed Microsoft confirms that the code has been activated. Now you can close the window.
4. Go back to the main menu and select the "My games and apps" window.
5. Select the "Ready to install" window and install the game.


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