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Rage 2 Standard Edition Pc Version.

Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together two studio powerhouses – Avalanche Studios, masters of open world insanity, and id Software, creators of the first-person shooter – where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.



Do you want to unleash some absolutely ridiculous mayhem? Overdrive is your BFF. With Overdrive you can push your weapons beyond their physical limits and grant them unique new attributes. Chain your abilities in different ways to faster fill your Overdrive meter.


When you absolutely need to get people out of your face, hit them with Shatter, a lethal kinetic blast that forces enemies away from you and sometimes just outright makes their heads explode.


Vortex lets you pull your enemies out of their comfort zone. Aim and toss Vortex near a crowd of enemies to yank them all toward one spot and whisk them up into the air, leaving them hanging while you pick them off.


Rain destruction from above with Slam, a devastating ground-pound attack. The effectiveness of Slam is based on height; the higher up you are, the more powerful the Slam. Grab some air with a double jump and smash your enemies into a chunky red paste.


Toss out your own portable shield with Barrier. Barrier will block incoming fire and instantly kill pretty much anything that comes into contact with it. A well-timed Barrier and Vortex combo will drag your enemies directly into your killer shield.


Launch yourself across the battlefield in style with Dash. Whether you’re using it to extend your jump or jet out of the way of incoming fire, Dash will get you where you need to be.



The Immortal Shrouded are warriors through-and-through, following a strict code of discipline and honor. But that code doesn’t stop them from being cold-blooded killers. They see themselves as the saviors of the wasteland and anyone who opposes them is just an obstacle to be cut down.


The Authority disappeared after the end of the first RAGE. Many thought they were gone for good, when in reality they retreated underground, gathering their strength, advancing their technology, and waiting for the right time to return.


Nomadic and bloodthirsty, the Goon Squad are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t be fooled by their ramshackle looks and chaotic fighting style; they’re brutal, lawless and willing to do anything to grow their numbers and increase their influence in the wasteland.


The River Hogs are the masters of their domain in the Sekreto Wetlands. They’re a degenerate mish-mash of river boat pirates, mobsters and smugglers, with no regard for the law. They may seem like backwater idiots, but anyone who underestimates their battle prowess is in for a nasty surprise.


The Abadon Mutants are the most primitive of the factions, relying on their natural instincts. The Mutants try to mimic human behaviors, usually incorrectly. They’re typically seen carrying human tech and equipment, though their understanding of these items is minimal.


The Trade Coalition isn’t an enemy faction, but they’re not necessarily friendly either. They won’t attack you on-sight, but most of them are just in it for themselves. People like Loosum Hagar and old Mayor Clayton’s corrupt son Klegg belong to the Trade Coalition.



From faction vehicles and gyroctopers to souped-up racers, Walker is spoiled for choice when it comes to rides. Each vehicle is wasteland-ready and fully rigged to wreck shop. If you can see it, you can drive it. And if you can drive it, you can kick ass with it.


Take your travel to the skies with the Icarus. This flying vehicle will transport you to all those hard-to-reach spots, and it’ll give you an advantage on the battlefield. Enter a fight in style by dropping in from above. Like the Phoenix and the Dispatch Chopper, the Icarus is easy to upgrade and customize.


An all-purpose death machine, the Phoenix is a fully upgradeable all-terrain vehicle that’s always at your beck and call. Complete with powerful weaponry like the Hellfire Missiles and Pulse (the Phoenix’s very own Shatter-like ability),the Phoenix is a Ranger’s most reliable ride.


Who among us hasn’t dreamt of rolling over traffic in a loud, angry monster truck? In RAGE 2, other vehicles, people and obstacles willhave no choice but to just sit there and get wrecked when you’re behind the wheel of one of the game’s monster trucks.


On a steel (and feltrite) horse you ride with the customizable Dispatch Chopper, one of the three main vehicles in Walker’s garage. Sure, you’re a little more exposed to the elements and incoming enemy fire, but damn do you look cool.


Need help getting around the murky swamps of the Sekreto Wetlands? Look no further than the airboat, one of the River Hogs’ preferred methods of travel. Propel yourself over treacherous water with speed and efficiency.


RAGE 2 has a wide variety of racers, all designed for mind-boggling speed. Sure you can steal them, but you can also win them at the Torn Plains Racetrack.



Convoys are massive, heavily defended fortresses on wheels; they’ll require skillful driving and all your combat expertise to take them down. Convoys consist of a monstrous leader that is protected by a number of different vehicles, from fast attack bikes to medium-sized muscle cars, all armed to the brim and ready to tear you to pieces.


Face off against wave after wave of progressively more challenging enemies in the Mutant Bash arena to win prizes and wasteland fame. Now hosted by a woman named Desdemonya, this new Mutant Bash TV is more twisted and cruel than ever before.


The Torn Plains Racetrack is heaven for speed demons and adrenaline junkies. Win different cars by racing on the curvy, multi-path tracks, riddled with jumps and hazards. You can also come across drivers anywhere in the wasteland and challenge them to a quick pick-up race.


Locating Arks is your key to upgrading Walker with new gear and nanotrite abilities, but not all of them are easy to find. Some you’ll discover through missions, and some you’ll locate by gathering valuable intel around the wasteland. Talk to folks in town and keep an eye out for data pads or audio recordings that might hold some useful information.


Your allies in the wasteland are going to have plenty of work for you. Go back to them often to see if they have additional quests (with additional rewards, of course).


Sometimes saving the world means helping the little guys. While cruising around the wasteland, you may come across someone getting chased by a group of bandit vehicles. Should you manage to get all the attacking cars off the civilian’s tail, you’ll be roundly rewarded.



The EcoPods had a serious malfunction when they terraformed this region, leaving behind the monstrously overgrown flora of the Wild. Lofty treetop canopies keep much of the area covered in shade, and massive exposed roots provide unique opportunities for traversal and tactical combat.


Murky swamplands, mudflats and rusted junkyards are hallmarks of the Sekreto Wetlands, home of the River Hog faction. Here, every tree, every bog, and every dilapidated Old World structure hides danger. Head to the relative safety of the city of Lagooney if you need a break.


With its towering rock formationsand Old World remnants, the Torn Plains is a devastating reminder of what Earth was like before the asteroid. The landscape itself is broken, marred by sunken valleys and deep rifts, including the Crack –a massive tear down the center of the region.The Torn Plains is where you’ll find hubs of civilization like Wellspring and Gunbarrel


The Immortal Shrouded have staked their claim over the rolling, sun-bleached sands of the Dune Sea. The scarcity of moisture in the area has turned water into a valuable trade commodity, and fights frequently break out over possession of even the most meager droplets.


Take a look also at this fantastic title of the From Software creators of Dark Souls series Sekiro Shadows Die Twice for PC  and in version for Xbox One

Also present on our Store is Rage 2 Standard Edition and Rage Deluxe Edition for PC at a truly exceptional price. If the Standard version is not enough for you, you will also find Rage 2 Deluxe Edition for Xbox One with exclusive and exclusive content.






1.Once the console has started, select the "Microsoft Store" window and then "Use a code".
2. Enter the code provided to you by Instant Gaming in the "My Purchases" section, then confirm.
3.Once confirmed Microsoft confirms that the code has been activated. Now you can close the window.
4. Go back to the main menu and select the "My games and apps" window.
5. Select the "Ready to install" window and install the game.


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