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Galaxy Fold

A device never seen before. Galaxy Fold not only creates a new category, it challenges them all.
Today, we present the greatest revolution since the birth of mobile telephony. Today the future opens up before us with Galaxy Fold.


We have given a new shape to the future. Display Infinity Flex: the dawn of a new technological era.

An incredible 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that surpasses all expectations. Made with a revolutionary flexible and thin polymer material, it is the largest screen of all Galaxy smartphones. The fold in the center of the main screen is a natural feature of the screen.

The back zipper makes the opening fluid and elegant.

makes the opening fluid and elegant. An engineering marvel inspired by the mechanical precision of watches. Con un movimento simmetrico e delicato la cerniera si blocca come preferisci. With a symmetrical and delicate movement the zipper locks as you like.

A smartphone and a tablet in one cutting-edge device.

The future lies in one hand.
When folded, the Galaxy Fold is so thin that it fits perfectly in your pocket or bag. Its size is perfect for easy access to all apps with one hand.

The revolution in the world of multitasking.

Galaxy Fold is the pioneer of the integration between hardware and software in folding devices. Use up to three apps simultaneously – watch streaming videos, search the web and send messages. All at the same time.

A revolutionary camera system for taking epic photos from any angle.

Capture the whole scene, don’t worry about how you keep it.
With six professional cameras, your videos and photos will surely be exceptional. And you can use the Infinity Flex Display to enjoy every detail.

Powerful like no other smartphone.

The speed and memory of the future.
The speed and memory of the future…. Plus, 512GB of built-in memory to store your apps and multimedia content.

The Dual-cell battery manages energy at its best.

The 4.380 mAh Dual-cell battery finally changes the rules of the game. Thanks to a balanced charge, it prevents overloads and optimizes consumption, closing apps that are not used.

How to get the most out of every movement

Take your Galaxy Fold adventure to a higher level
From the integrated display protection to the essential accessories included, you’ll get a top-notch Galaxy Fold experience. Also included is the Galaxy Fold Premier service, which includes Fold Concierge (a dedicated team of experts) and insurance coverage for your Galaxy Fold with Samsung Care +.

Galaxy Fold is only the beginning.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm


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