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is a kit of Starlight led with LG322 rechargeable batteries and USB to recharge them over 50 times each

With this kit you can fish for the night for a very long time, and always have your starlight charges thanks to the very practical USB to recharge them, when and where you want, you just need a USB socket, like in your car, at home or a portable power bank.

Product Details:

For correct use, do not discharge the battery completely, once the fishing session is over recharge the battery and place it in the special case provided.

Package Includes:

  • 2 pieces Starlight led MOON Green Led (4.5mm)
  • 4 Pieces LG322 rechargeable batteries
  • 1 Piece MOON USB Flash


Lampogamma is a line of LED Starlights with RECHARGEABLE battery top fishing performance !!

Products are assembled in Italy to optimize and make sure to give a product that works with high quality accessories !!

The LEDs are made in Japan very powerful and low consumption with directional laser technology or expansion lasers, giving different options depending on the type of fishing we’re going to tackle !!

The ENERGY Lampogamma series batteries are all rechargeable, you can top them up over 50 times via USB Lampo designed by our staff experts, free of heavy metals and therefore eco-friendly respecting the environment, manufactured with the latest technology in micro battery technology lithium, retaining the dense energy longer, releasing it in small doses !!

The casings for LEDs are Made in Taiwan and Made in China, manufactured only with high quality materials, therefore with a very low weight, to NOT unbalance the floats during fishing or weigh down the tip of the fishing rod! !

We at Lampogamma are always looking for high quality products and accessories to change and improve even the most demanding fishermen’s experiences !!

The products of the Lampogamma series cancel the concept of the old fishing starlight, because they change the one of visibility and duration!

– Nothing is seen more thanks to the intensity that allows it to be easily seen up to 100 meters.

Imitations last less. Imitations do not guarantee the same level of security. Lampogamma is safe

100% Guarantee lamp range on all products.

Weight0.100 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 5 cm
Package Includes:

2 pieces Starlight led MOON Green Led (4.5mm)
4 Pieces LG322 rechargeable batteries
1 Piece MOON USB Flash


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