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Share the fun with Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch has two controllers, one on each side, that work together: the Joy-Con.

By inserting the two Joy-Con in the Joy-Con handle you get a traditional controller. Without the handle, each Joy-Con is an independent controller.

By giving a Joy-Con to a friend you can play multiplayer anywhere.
In addition to holding only one Joy-Con vertically or horizontally, you can also use both at the same time, holding one by the hand.

Connect the straps included in the package and push them around your wrists to enjoy the Joy-Con movement commands.
By holding the controllers horizontally you can also comfortably use the back buttons.

A tactile feedback that goes beyond vibrations

Imagine that the Joy-Con is a glass full of ice cubes. With the rumble HD, when you move and incline the Joy-Con you can hear the moving cubes.
Here’s one, here’s another … The rumble HD is so realistic that you can even figure out how many cubes there are, like you’re actually holding the glass in your hand.
La funzione rumble HD dei Joy-Con crea un’esperienza di gioco immersiva che non è possibile replicare solo con la grafica e il sonoro.

Use form, movement and distance

The right Joy-Con IR motion camera can recognize the shape, distance and movement of the objects it frames.
For example, he is able to understand if a player’s hands make paper, stone or scissors, paving the way for new forms of interaction!

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm


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