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Nintendo Switch Pro gray controller

A wireless controller similar to a traditional controller, convenient and ideal for long gaming sessions in TV and table mode.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 10 cm

106 mm x 152 mm x 60 mm


About 246 g


Left stick
Right stick
Buttons A / B / X / Y / L / R / ZL / ZR
Button + / Button –
Push-button +
HOME button
Capture button
SYNC button


Bluetooth 3.0, NFC (near-field communication)


Accelerometer, gyroscope

Vibration function

Rumble HD
Returns varied and accurate vibrations.

USB connector

USB Type-C port
Used to charge the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Internal battery

Lithium ion battery [CTR-003]
Capacity: 1300 mAh

Battery life

About 40 hours
Note: this time is an estimate. The duration may vary depending on the ways of use.

Recharge time

About 6 hours
Note: recharging must be done with the power supply unit [HAC-002 (EUR)] or with the USB cable included in the package.


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